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I'm Catarina Sarmento a.k.a Yuugi/Wolfsbane and i'm a comic artist and game artist.
This tumblr will be for my sketches, WIP's, comic pages, game art (2D/3D) and finished illustrations.

I run a weekly webcomic called Children of the Night , so alot of my artwork is related to it, as well as some game dev art and assets. I hardly, if ever, draw fanart and if I do it's usually sketchy.

If you have questions for me; art related, CotN related, etc. feel free to use my ask.
Hope you enjoy this blog!

CotN (webcomic) related art
Knightmaiden art
finished art

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I did the thing!!! First post has 7 pages for the launch, then I’ll be posting one page every Monday and Friday. Thanks sooooo much for all your support and encouragement through the years, guys!! I’m so freakin’ happy to finally have this out there~~!!

King Erebus from another story of mine.

Hey guys, there’s free shipping on my society 6 store until October 12th following this link. Check it out~

Kenneth ink sketch.

Ink sketch of Queen Breanna from another story of mine.

Inktober sketch done with a brush. Will do these once in awhile throughout the month.

CotN will go on a two months hiatus and will return in December. I’ve been struggling with running a consistent update schedule, so I’ll take this time to build a nice buffer and also work on storyboarding the next scenes, since I’m running out of a buffer on that as well. I apologize for the hiatus, but it’s really necessary. Thanks for understanding and your support!


Children of the Night updated with page 282. More heartbreaking moments.

I started uploading CotN on tapastic for those who follow comics in there. I like some of the features there like adding some BGM to each episode. I’ll probably update pages there in chunks of three or so. You can follow it here if you are interested.

Update reminder~.

And Julien doodle, though this sketchbook isn’t good for inking with a brush :/. #doodle #sketch #manga #CotN #Julien

Madalina doodle. #sketch #doodle #manga #CotN #vampire #madalina