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I'm Catarina Sarmento a.k.a Yuugi/Wolfsbane and i'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist.
This tumblr will be for my sketches, WIP's and finished illustrations.
I run a weekly webcomic called Children of the Night , so alot of my artwork is related to it.
If you have questions for me; art related, CotN related, etc. feel free to use my ask.
Hope you enjoy this blog!

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Some of the animations for our Ludum Dare 30 entry “Otherworld”. All done with spriter, which I really reccomend if you make games. I’m still such a noob at animation, but it’s really starting to grow on me.

Last weekend we participated in Ludum Dare 30 and made a game in 72 hours! I did all the graphics and my husband did all the programming.

An evil presence lingers in the forest your tribe calls home. As a shaman, you are able to travel between the connected worlds of the living and the dead and cleanse the forest of the evil within. However, make sure you guard your body well, else you might find yourself trapped in the spirit world for eternity.

We were super pressed for time and didn’t get the chance to playtest the game and polish it, so the difficulty is super high and there’s bugs. But if you want to give it a try and rate our game as well, check out our entry here! Game objectives and controls are in there as well.

Children of the Night updated with page 281. Tough decisions are made.


A new giveaway, to celebrate the opening of the international sell of my artbook ONEIROS, the 25th of August on my shop =)

Good luck /o/ !!

Kenneth and Beth doodles. #sketch #doodle #manga #CotN #Kenneth #Beth

Bunch of Lawrence doodles. #sketch #doodle #CotN #lawrence #manga


The Amya Chronicle’s Kickstarter: Half way to deadline.

Hello everyone. The Amya Kickstarter is now half way towards its funding deadline. With our tracking sitting at 49% funded, we are still in need of great assistance!

Amya tells the story of Faye, a mute spell-touched who lives a sheltered life as the youngest daughter to a great lord. She is burdened with dark dreams of an apocalypse, and it isn’t long until her tranquil life changes when a fateful encounter with a young man sends her on a spiraling journey of self-discovery.  

As Faye and her unlikely companions pursue an adventure that is greater than any of them could have anticipated, she discovers how heavy the burden she carries truly is. She is to be the pinnacle of the world’s survival or destruction, and must decide if she wishes to sacrifice her own humanity for the world — or the world for her humanity.

Please consider supporting the campaign by either spreading the word or donating. It would mean so much to us! Amya is our dream as well as our passion. We need your help to take it further!

CLICK HERE to check out the Kickstarter.

CLICK HERE to check out the Amya website.

All my thanks,

Savannah Houston-McIntyre

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Children of the Night updated with page 280. Flashback time! Sorry for the untoned page, I’ve been a bit pressed for time lately.

Update reminder~

Children of the Night updated with page 280. Flashback time! Sorry for the untoned page, I’ve been a bit pressed for time lately.


Hello everyone!

This is the first time I’m making a post here like this but I’m opening up commissions! More info here!
Stuff happened and I need some money until the end of July!
The above drawings are examples of what I’m currently doing (but not only)

If you could spread the word too, I’d be grateful ;;
Thank you!