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I'm Catarina Sarmento a.k.a Yuugi/Wolfsbane and i'm a comic artist and game artist.
This tumblr will be for my sketches, WIP's, comic pages, game art (2D/3D) and finished illustrations.

I run a weekly webcomic called Children of the Night , so alot of my artwork is related to it, as well as some game dev art and assets. I hardly, if ever, draw fanart and if I do it's usually sketchy.

If you have questions for me; art related, CotN related, etc. feel free to use my ask.
Hope you enjoy this blog!

CotN (webcomic) related art
Knightmaiden art
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A sketch of Wilfrid and Oswald from theyoungdoyley’s webcomic Knights-Errant, done during the stream. The bishiefied version of them at least ORZ.

Knights-Errant is one of my favorite webcomics and I never miss an update, it truly gives me all the best feelings and I can’t recommend it enough!

Full view please T_T?

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