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I'm Catarina Sarmento a.k.a Yuugi/Wolfsbane and i'm a comic artist and game artist.
This tumblr will be for my sketches, WIP's, comic pages, game art (2D/3D) and finished illustrations.

I run a weekly webcomic called Children of the Night , so alot of my artwork is related to it, as well as some game dev art and assets. I hardly, if ever, draw fanart and if I do it's usually sketchy.

If you have questions for me; art related, CotN related, etc. feel free to use my ask.
Hope you enjoy this blog!

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Today’s warm-up sketch is Usagi <3!

Return gift and late birthday present for arachnodentist! It’s Tuomi, from her webcomic Feral Gentry which I highly recommend. Happy (late) birthday :D!



fanart for a favourite webcomic character of http://withering-lilies.tumblr.com/ !, Elizabeth Collins, Children of the Night!

I truly have no idea what to write now. *nervous* I intended to have a shoujo feeling in the drawing. So many errors OTL

really have no idea what to write 

Ahhh I already saw this at D.A and it was the best start for my morning! She looks so cute and adorable in your style! Thank you so, so much :D!

Warm up today was some Sleepy Hollow sketches. Really enjoying the series :D!

Super quick doodle of Vaniryah Kah’ Dar, my character on FFXIV. I am enjoying the game wayyy too much.


I have a feeling I never posted this here! I did a quick guest art piece for Children of the Night by withering-lilies a while ago and I was a little happy with it, even. It’s somehow fitting that when for once I had a chance to make honest vampire angst, I chose to concentrate on nice sunny human lives. -___-

It counter balances the angssttt~. I really love this one, thank you so much :D!


@_wolfsbane_ Happy Birthday Cat!  You are a wonderful artist and a sweet friend! I hope your birthday is a blast!

Ahhh Svet, this is gorgeous! I love Kenneth’s lovesick stare at Beth and her beautiful expression and dress. Ohhh you are all killing me today *SOBS QUIETLY*. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Fanart of Lawrence from “Children of Night” by Yuugi

You don’t how I love that webcomic. *  *  It rekindled my love for vampires, dark romance and XIXeme century…!  It made me want to do a webcomic too. 

*_______________*!! My heart skips a beat each time I look at this perfect rendition of Lawrence. Thank you so so much for this and for all the support <3! Ahhhhhhhh~~!!

Because we all know that Kili gets no luck with the dwarf ladies with that pathetic beard. Tumblr I can not handle the hotness that is Fili, so have some sketches to quiet the dokidoki of my kokoro.

Some quick doodles of Thranduil and Thorin.

Thranduil always looks super snobby to me so I hope I got his expression right :D. Otherwise Richard Armitage continues being perfection~. I still need to draw a ton more of fanart for this movie.